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Car Audio

Benchmark Auto Sound - Audio Room Turn up the performance of your car audio system with Benchmark Auto Sound. Whether you're looking to install an out-of-this-world car audio video experience or just want to upgrade your car's OEM stereo, we have the components and installation expertise you can rely on. With a full range of car stereos, accessories, and equipment, we have what you need to create a bass-blasting car audio system or one with the cleanest, crispest sound. No matter what your car audio video needs, Benchmark Auto Sound has you covered.

Benchmark Auto Sound - Custom Audio Rear DeckWe carry a huge selection of car audio electronics from speakers, woofers, and tweeters to decks, satellite radios, and even mobile video equipment. With literally hundreds of possibilities for configuring your new car audio experience, the Benchmark Auto Sound team can help match you with the system that's perfect for your specific vehicle, taste, and listening style. So why settle for one-size fits all sound? Come on by our car audio showroom in Springfield to demo our in car audio options and learn more about how our professionals can take your driving experience to the next level.

At Benchmark Auto Sound, we're committed to ensuring your car audio video system looks as good as it sounds. That's why we offer complete custom installation on all of our car stereo components and systems. Benchmark Auto Sound - TreoOn top of guaranteeing the quality of our clean work, our mobile audio installers can bring you the perfect look for your new equipment. Using custom enclosures, fiberglass, upholstery, and even lighting, Benchmark Auto Sound offers custom car audio installation that spans the gamut from exotic showpieces to sleek, sophisticated systems that blend in with the rest of your interior. So when you want quality car audio video products, quality workmanship, and quality appearance, you want the Benchmark Auto Sound team on your side. Contact us today or visit our Springfield shop to learn more about custom installation options for your mobile audio system!

Radios/Head Units: Today being able to play your cd’s is just not enough. Benchmark has radios that control your Ipod, do streaming bluetooth audio, we even have radios that will read you your text messages. If you have something that you want to play in your car, the experts at Benchmark can show you how.

Amplifiers and Speakers: It’s not enough to simply play music – sometimes you’ve just got to be heard. Our selection of car audio amplifiers and speakers offers you the potential to get as loud as you’d like.

Sub Woofers: We carry a wide selection of subwoofers that will fit your needs. Regardless if you are trying to get just a little bit extra or if you want that knock your head off pounding bass, we have the best products on the market to suit your needs.


Satellite Radio

In-car audio has come a long way since the first radios were installed in automobiles in the 1930s, but AM/FM radio hasn't come all that far... From limited channel selection to static, terrestrial radio can be holding your car audio experience back. If you're ready to enjoy the best in mobile audio, it's time to upgrade your car or truck with satellite radio. These state-of-the-art systems are designed to take your radio-listening experience beyond the limitations of traditional radio:

  • With a virtually endless range, satellite radio means you never drive out of range of your favorite stations.
  • A huge channel selection of sports, talk, and music stations means there's always something great on.
  • Superior sound quality means your satellite radio stations will always sound great.
  • Many channels are available without the annoyance of commercials.

At Benchmark Auto Sound, we're pleased to offer sales and installation on a wide variety of satellite radio receiver products to help take your vehicle to the next level. Our great selection includes add-on units and integrated satellite radio-car audio decks that include features like CD players, Bluetooth connectivity, and even car GPS navigation. We also offer portable satellite radios for the ultimate in convenience and flexibility. The Benchmark Auto Sound mobile electronics experts are available to help match you with the ideal XM or Sirius satellite radio to ensure you get the features and listening experience that are right for you. Providing top-quality satellite radios, superior custom installation, and the best car audio value around, we're ready to help you move beyond the limitations of terrestrial radio. Call or drop by our Springfield showroom to learn more.

The Benchmark Auto Sound team can even walk you through the subscription process to make sure your new satellite radio receiver is connected with the great programming options at Sirius or XM. Just one of the numerous ways we'll bring you superior customer service along with your satellite radio installation, our professionals are here to make it simple and easy to get the car audio experience you've always wanted!